I’ve always been obsessed with stories. I got lost in them, in torchlight, as a child, and I stash each new one somewhere deep inside me. Perhaps my bones are stuffed with stories; they make me want to get out of bed and walk around on this curious planet every day.

The ones that stick with me are those that bring into sharper focus what matters to me. The ones that cast a flicker of light a bit further and reveal a trapdoor to a new slice of sky. A new star. A new planet. A new way to connect with those who understand.

There’ll always be more stories than one person can absorb in a lifetime. Which is why it’s important to find the ones which matter to you. And if you can’t find them, it’s important to write them yourself.

I write short stories and poems, and I’m working on a novel for children at the moment. I also work with people and organisations to help them communicate better about what matters to them. Often, they need help finding that out. That’s my job.

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