Not Quite Myself

I’m not quite myself today I said
To my friend on the internet
Whom I’ve never met
And she said
When were you last yourself and I said
Let me see
I remember that day
In two thousand and three
When I didn’t have to speak or leave the house
But stayed swathed in a dressing gown
Greasy as a sheep
Flitting like a cabbage moth
In and out of some books whom I’d met
And some that I hadn’t
And coffee cups lined up
To watch me
And when nobody was there
I put on Bowie
And danced like I’d taken
LSD and when a friend
Whom I’d met came around
Unexpectedly for tea
I said sorry I smell like a sheep
And she said never mind
And we laughed like drains
And played word games
And then she went home
And I did the washing up with
A silly grin.

By Jo

Writer, artist, builder

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