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Do it or the Dog Dies.

Lately I have been getting up at 6am and writing for half an hour or so before my girls wake up, aiming for 500 words each day. When it works, it works really well and I get a chain going. When I roll over and snooze my alarm, it feels rubbish and the day goes less happily. So I drew this as a way of making myself feel very very guilty on days I break the chain.

Basically, a hapless dog depends on me  (THIS IS TRUE OMG BUT A WHOLE OTHER STORY!!). This imaginary dog cannot find any source of nutrition other than if I feed him. Every time I do the day’s writing, I can colour in a bowl, fill it with felt tip food.

Try it. Also: send me your stories of how you get around procrastination, please. I am thinking of making a little series on it.  You can contact me on twitter or email via this page.

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