Beside You.

If you’ve landed here, it’s because I sent you an invitation as one of my most precious people. We get each other. I love working with you and making your ideas come alive. Your energy charges me up. Mine charges you up. Win-win.

And I understand that sometimes, you just want to know that somebody’s there beside you, like one of my favourite Dave Dobbyn songs. That’s what this offer is for.

sad pink cat who is overwhelmed - illustration by Joanna Bradshaw

I’ve noticed that there’s often an inertia to overcome in order to get a project or idea past larval stage. There’s a bunch of little things that need imagining, deciding and doing, and you’re only one person.

Taken separately, they put you off getting help, because you have to brief someone, or fix that annoying gremlin in your setup, or figure out what image to put where, or what to write and to whom. It’s all a bit overwhelming, so you stay stuck, because you don’t have the energy to explain it all to a new person.

But I’m not a new person, because we’ve already worked together.

Sometimes you just need a good chat and someone with a mind that works in a different way to yours to bounce things off until you can see a way through. You need someone beside you.

Two cats, one orange, one pink, with whiskers connected, on a blue and grey background and the words 'beside you' underneath - illustration by Joanna Bradshaw

Sometimes you just want someone else to log into Canva and do that thing that you hate. To figure out what happened to your Mailchimp. Why your worksheets look sad.

Or come up with a strategy for pitching your idea to a new market. To write your copy for your podcast episode page. 

Or remind you why you’re creative and brilliant and why people love what you do.

Or draw you a sheep. Or a card to cheer your auntie up. Or you up. 

So here’s my idea: 

I’m offering you a ticket to have me beside you. What does that mean?

It means you are buying a day of my time to use for whatever* you want, whenever you want, in chunks as small as a 15 min WhatsApp check in. 

We can spend it on a full day workshop if you like.
Or you can spend it gradually over the next 3 months on little things like small graphics or illustrations or fixing your copy. Up to you. What matters is that I’m available on email, text and (by pre-arrangement) voice or video call to help you sort your creative shit out, and no question is too small or silly to ask.

*’whatever’ here within reason, right. 

Why do it this way?

Because it gives us both security. It means you know you have someone to turn to to keep you moving forward, and I know I have the income to put food on the table. I much prefer working with people I already love and understand 🙂

What’s the small print?

You pre-purchase a ticket which is good for 8 hours of my time. It’s valid for 90 days from the time you buy it. You can split it up into increments as small as 15 minutes, which means you get to ask me to fix small things for you or quickly give you feedback. You can equally schedule bigger chunks with me. Up to you! I will get back to any requests within 24 hours (not including weekends).

What’s in it for me?

You get to work with me, isn’t that great? Lol, you also get a nice discount of 25% on my already-great rate for loyal clients. So you get the ticket for only £150 instead of £200+

If I’m already working with you on a project at your normal rate, can I get one of these tickets and get the discount?

Yep 🙂 It’s your bonus for paying upfront and helping me plan my time.

Do we have to do calls or can I just email you with stuff I need fixing?

We can work however you want. Just email is fine. Working-while-on-video is fine. Having a strategy call and then each going away and doing the work we’ve said we would is also fine. Up to you! Email me.

How do I pay?

Just email me and I’ll send you an invoice pre-loaded with the time, and ways to pay (by card or bank transfer). If you’d rather buy a half day, you can do that too for £90. Then, I simply log the time we spend together or I spend working on your stuff, and it gets offset against the invoice you paid, so you can always ask me where you stand.

Want me beside you? Let’s go!