Jo Bradshaw
23rd September 2013

I don’t want you to be invisible

At primary school I was shy. I didn’t exactly fit in. I was. In. The chess club. I had a handful of good friends to hang around and write terrible comedy skits with. Put me in a big group of kids I didn’t know, though, and I became She Who Never Spoke. I mean, I […]

5th August 2013

To play or not to…oh, never mind.

It’s Monday, although where I’m sitting it’s close to being Tuesday. I write these playful prompts on Mondays, usually. I send an image or colouring-in to my mailing list and ask you to play with them. With me. I was about to do that this morning at about half past ten, when the irony struck […]

22nd July 2013

How to be brave

So you’re sitting there in your pyjamas, wondering whether to write that scary blog post, record that cringeworthy video or say NO to that lovely offer in your inbox which, if you’re completely honest, won’t do a jot to move you towards your goals. But it feels nice, and safe and warm and somehow less […]

3rd May 2013

Filth, death, and the gift of a wreath

It’s late October, 2011. I’m sitting on the filthy floor of my father’s council flat. It’s a few days since his death, and I’ve rushed back from overseas. My older brother and I are tasked with the grim job of cleaning, removing, deciding, and neatly packaging up a life. It isn’t pretty or neat. But, […]

Impostor syndrome in writers 29th March 2013

You’re a fraud and you know it

“A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.” ― Steven Pressfield, Do the Work I got an email newsletter the other day from someone I’d consider a peer in my industry. […]

13th March 2013

Don’t let me fry, superhero…

Imagine you are on the top of a very high building. It’s on fire. There’s no way out. Then, enter Superman. Great, you think. Superman’s gonna save me. Awesome! You need Superman more at this moment than at any other moment. You’re on the edge. If you had marshmallows, they’d be toasted. Imagine, though, if […]

19th February 2013

Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Corrina Gordon-Barnes of You Inspire Me is an engaging, funny and fiercely talented coach whose home on the internet is a sparkling hub for difference-maker entrepreneurs. Of course, Corrina herself isn’t fierce. She’s almost transcendentally iridescent (but also very, very grounded, which is a tricky trick to pull off. She does it with aplomb). You Inspire Me has had a […]

23rd January 2013

Do you learn with your ears or your eyes?

The supply teacher stood up in front of the class. Ruffled, visibly. Eugenie longed to be romping through Cider With Rosie with the year nines but there she was. Stuck. In year seven english and they just kept getting it wrong. Punctuation. Prepositions. Possessive nouns. They’d gone through the exercises in the text book and […]

29th October 2011

Poem For a Dead Dad

My dad died. He was sick, tired, alcoholic, in a mess. But, still our dad. He taught me in a roundabout way, about unconditional love. Even if he never cared where we were, or what we did at school, or whether we were getting married, he was just there, beaming and welcoming whenever we did […]