Oh, you’re here. Wonderful.

Hello. What was your favourite colour when you were ten?

(Blue, brown, yellow. Couldn’t decide. Story of my life.)

What scared you?

(Jellyfish. Having nothing to read. Still does.)

When did you last remember what it was like to be ten? (If you’re ten now, congratulations you lucky thing. Go and play!)

Still here? Okay, well hello. I’m Jo. Joanna for long. JoJo for short (When I was ten. Nobody calls me that any more. Except my uncle.) I make my living writing, and drawing mainly inappropriate pictures, then screwing those ones up, and drawing proper ones. I love printmaking and maths, but not jellyfish. Did I say that already? [It’s just the way they coalesce all brainless and ephemeral.]

Anyway, you could find out more about me, catch up on the blog, or—oh yes—JOIN THE DOODLE DARE.

Go on, I bet you’re really good at doodling, it’s just that you’ve forgotten you’re allowed to.